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Developing truly high-growth startups

Making New Zealand an even happier place by transforming the startup ecosystem

Phase One is an early stage founder community. We consist of an incubator programme connecting “been there, done that” operators who have actually scaled in product and growth as well as a vibrant founder community filled with social events and expert sessions. Our community leans in to each other and we are building New Zealand's next wave of great tech companies together.

About us

We believe that New Zealand founders are world-class, and can build world-changing companies

We commit to founders by helping them lay the foundations for truly high-growth companies. We do this by helping them:

⎷ Find product market fit

⎷ Crystallise a vision

⎷ Identify growth engines

Investing in truly high-growth companies, to create even more opportunity for all New Zealanders

We provide our support pro bono, and will also invest into the companies that make good progress on those first three steps through our fund. We also connect you to other later stage VCs. With the right capital and support, our community will be game-changers on the journey to take on the world.

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Building a thriving and vibrant startup ecosystem

We’re working with founders & operators who’ve “been there, done that”

We are established by a team involved in some of Australia & New Zealand’s leading start-ups, that have deep expertise in modern start-up systems and practices. We are operators who have actually “been there, done that.”

Our events

Incubator Program

The Phase One incubator program currently supports 13 startups on their journey towards becoming truly high-growth.

Speaker Series

We regularly host fireside chats with experienced founders and operators, from companies including Canva, Simply Wall St, and Airtasker.


With the Phase One Bulletin, we provide a fortnightly update on New Zealand’s startup ecosystem including a startup showcase, news, and great content.