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We're growing a community of early-stage founders who are crazy ambitious, and want to change the world. Join us!

Our incubator program

Phase One mentors have "been there, done that" in startupland

Access to best practice learnings are critical to successful startups. That's why we match startups with those who've experienced significant global scaling.

Our Mentors

New Zealand is capable of producing high-growth, valuable, and global businesses

There is immense value in founders becoming more problem, customer, and product focused. To build a powerful global startup, at the core there should be an outstanding product that solves deep problems for a customer.

With our incubator program, we help startups achieve these four things:

Problem Discovery

A deep understanding of a problem for a niche customer.


The capability and learning of launching a product.

Product Market Fit

Traction to the original problem, and being able to build something that customers truly want.


A clear and often irrational vision of how the world should be, a roadmap to that vision, and a strategic narrative.

Founders and Mentors form the fundamentals of our community

Phase One will establish a year long relationship between startup founders and mentors, with these key offerings in place:

Fortnightly catch-ups between startups & mentors

Heart to Heart sessions between startup founders

Thursday sessions, with deep dives on specific people & topics

Social gatherings with the wider Phase One community

Connecting founders with later-stage investors in the long term

Our Mentors

Shipra Mahindra

Senior Product Manager - Octopus Deploy

Josh Kaplan

Head of Product - Narrative

Jaikumar Ganesh

Head of Engineering - Anyscale

Elise Peate

Head of SEO - HealthMatch

Abhi Lamba

International Growth Lead - Canva

Rohan Swami

Product Manager - Atlassian

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